Human Artificial Intelligence

Welcome to Azaries® Limited, we are an award winning British software company with an entirely new approach to AI technology and its application.

Azaries award winning software
Award winning software
Weather forcasting
Robo advisors
Financial markets
Human Artificial Intelligence
Award winning software
Weather forcasting
Robo advisors
Financial markets
Human Artificial Intelligence
Award winning software
Weather forcasting
Robo advisors
Financial markets
Human Artificial Intelligence

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Our award winning technology is a proprietary methodology that approaches the 'discovery process' with Human involvement called 'Human Artificial Intelligence' (HAI).

Applicable to many applications from financial markets to robo advisors, customer relationship management (CRM) to drug discovery, weather forecasts and predictive analytics, Azaries performs with outstanding results.

Rules: The pattern discovery process...

Azaries discovers meaningful patterns in data and produces rule sets for use in real world applications. We use constant and never ending improvement through adaptation and refinement which has exponential improvement results.

An entirely new AI technology approach

We are a British software Company with award winning products.

Azaries has been developed with continuous improvement guidelines. Today the software is focused on financial investing applications. Wider application will follow.

In the finance markets, Azaries portfolio 'spinning', won a UK government innovation award. The Company has recently launched an investment fund through its subsidiary, Pantiles Wealth Creation LLP.

How it works

Examining the human element of advanced AI

The real 'secret' to AI is to be able to know when/how/why/where it works and under what conditions.

Capturing human knowledge, optimising its application and learning from it is a process we call Human Artificial Intelligence. This means being able to adjust the processes according the prevailing conditions, data and information.

It also means that a very clever predictive tool that wins a game of chess, would never be able to drive a car or operate a robot. But its great for 'vertical' applications.

Changing data forms the basis for Azaries. For example, predicting when the weather will change as it relies on real time data which often means different things at different times of year.

In the financial markets, Azaries results are audited and show how Azaries applies variable models at different times which takes account for the 'shifting sands' of information. Trading the largest companies in the world, sentiment changes, evolves and adjusts as time progresses. That's how Azaries stays in front.

"The Pantiles Wealth Creation Fund" is now open for pensions and individual investments for lasting growth and success. Please register for the details. Azaries investment software is also available as an exclusive license to qualifying hedge funds.


Feed the AI machine

Even the best AI needs training and more training as additional information becomes available.

Staying ahead is a crucial process. We call it Azaries Discovery.

Whether its a 'neural network', a 'machine learning' process or any other of the techniques, it is the culmination of results in comparative form that determines the most successful outcome. After all there's no point in using results that miss the mark. We believe in 'red' light, 'green' light simplicity. So how do you get started?

Design Criteria
Building Discovery

Leverage HAI to your advantage

How quickly can you get the Azaries advantage: our simple 3 stage way to get Human Artificial Intelligence (HAI) working for you and your business!

Stage 01: Expert Knowledge

Expert knowledge captures creativity, skills, and information. To speed the learning process, HAI captures human knowledge for ultimate advantage. AI’s starting point is then established.

For example, an experienced technician’s knowledge of clinical diagnosis is used as the AI starting point.Massive speed and breadth increase. HAI takes accuracy further because once AI results are reviewed, they are fed again into the AI engine, the HAI loop.

Stage 2: Examples

Examples of the desired result. Azaries uses observed and example results that are the most applicable starting point for a specific application.

For example, in weather observations, high-pressure results in fine sunny weather.

‘High pressure’ also means different results at differing times of year: warm and sunny in summer and crisp and cold in winter. Key influences that cause high pressure are then identified.

Stage 3: Ensemble of AI

Azaries uses an ‘Ensemble’ of AI techniques and data sources. Called resource spinning, Azaries selects the data sources most applicable to make predictions that may also be continuously changing.

For example, stock volatility. The data used to select predictions is in constant flux.

Spinning the resources means optimal adjustments improve the accuracy of results. All techniques are monitored to ensure the most effective and efficient selection as data and behaviour change.

Innovative technology
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Want to benefit from Azaries Discovery? HAI: Customisation options permit licensor's to tailor parameters, hence achieving a high degree of autonomy.

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