New approach to AI technology

An entirely new approach to Human Artificial Intelligence (HAI). The Azaries pattern discovery process and how it works.


What is Azaries Human Artificial Intelligence (HAI)?

Human Artificial Intelligence is iterative learning. It is the Azaries pattern discovery process.

Azaries discovers meaningful patterns in data and produces rule sets for use in real world applications. We use constant and never ending improvement through adaptation and refinement which has exponential improvement results.

Azaries has been developed with continuous improvement guidelines. Today the software is focused on financial investing applications. Wider application will follow.

In the finance markets, Azaries portfolio 'spinning', won a UK government innovation award. The Company has recently launched an investment fund through its subsidiary, Pantiles Wealth Creation LLP.

Stage 1 - Tech
The Knowledge

1st Capture Expert

The Knowledge

AI requires training. To speed the process of learning, HAI captures human knowledge.

We then add massive speed and breadth. HAI takes accuracy several steps further because once AI results are reviewed, they are fed again into the AI engine called the Azaries HAI loop.

2nd Ensemble Expert AI Techniques

The Ensemble

Use an 'Ensemble' of expert AI techniques using captured knowledge.

Technique spinning: Azaries selects calculations and comparisons that are the most applicable and accurate solutions for a specific application. For example, chess winning AI software cannot drive a car and drug discovery isn’t any use in election predictions.

Resource spinning: Azaries iterative processes make predictions which are also continuously changing to data conditions.

3rd  Adjust to Improve Accuracy

The Adjustment

Azaries iterative processes makes AI a tool for ingenuity, accuracy, broader range and deeper understanding. It often uncovers hidden results that are not obvious when ‘slower’ and limited volume analysis takes place.

This is the future of AI. Organisations and people who know how to use AI for human advantage will be the ultimate beneficiaries.

For the technical folks, this means decision trees, neural networks, inductive logic, bayesian techniques, regression calculations, clustering medians, chi-squared analysis and deep machine learning.


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