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Our award winning technology is a proprietary methodology that approaches the 'discovery process' with Human involvement called 'Human Artificial Intelligence' (HAI).

Capture the Future with Azaries

Azaries is a privately held British Company. We have developed AI software that discovers meaningful patterns in data.

Applicable to many applications from financial markets to robo advisors, customer relationship management (CRM) to drug discovery, weather forecasts and predictive analytics, Azaries performs with outstanding results.

Today, Azaries has been initially customised for the Financial investment market. It is designed to outperform ‘buy and hold’, market indexes and traditional fundamental analytics. The results are outstanding.

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Core Statements


Azaries Equity Investment Management is a seed plus equity financing opportunity that uses an entirely new approach to trading and investing.


The funds raised will be used for compliance software and hardware infrastructure, patent applications, partnerships, APP completion, and working capital.


It has won a UK government innovation award for its technology and focuses on blue-chip NASDAQ and major US market stocks with valuations of over $100 million.

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The investment is highly successful and has achieved 87% growth in 2022, with a profit forecast of £6 million in year 3. The investment is EIS qualifying and open to individuals, hedge funds, HNWs, family offices, trusts, and funds.

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To make an investment in the Pantiles Wealth Investment Fund please register at the following link:

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Intro to the Azaries team

An enviable team, uniquely combining talent with experience. A team that will lead Azaries to a bright future.

Stephen Cole

Founder & CEO

Stephen is a software professional with over 35 years of experience in software development.

His experience spans a NASDAQ IPO, being the founder of a leading Internet Company in the UK and its acquisition and a founder of software specialists.

Stephen has specialised in extreme data mining, inductive logic and artificial intelligence systems for 18 years. This experience has involved the analysis of millions of data points, data and price movements and seasonal/market pattern analysis.

Today, he is CEO of Azaries Limited, an award-winning software developer in Artificial Intelligence applications specifically designed for the professional market. Today, the software has been optimised for Financial Applications.

Simon Jeffries

Director & Senior Trader

Simon has been involved in Financial Equity Markets broking for 30+ years.

He started in 1982 in gaining a knowledge of all aspects of Stockbroking with EB Savory Milln (integrated into Swiss Bank/UBS), this included a period on the London Stock Exchange trading floor. From 1996 -2012, he was a Pan-European Equity Sales Trader, giving advice and providing a service on how to transact Equity blocks, deals and orders, to major Institutional (Pension/Mutual funds) and Hedge Fund clients, he worked for ABN Amro, BNP Paribas, ING, BGC and Commerzbank.

You can download Simon's CFDs vs Share Dealing.

John Gildersleeve

Business Development Director

John has over 20 years’ experience founding disruptive technology start-ups.

John has achieved both trade sales and public flotations across multiple sectors including e-commerce, entertainment, digital communications and MedTech. John has substantial private and public company board-level operational and advisory experience including fundraising and listings.

A passionate believer in technology as an enabler, previously led the evolution of a lab based idea, into a focused innovative, regulatory approved advanced wound-care product available on prescription from the NHS. John led a patent process that resulted in over 50 patents being granted globally, establishing a strong intellectual property portfolio.

Stephen Barney

COO Pantiles Wealth

Stephen has more than 35 years of experience in financial services.

Stephen experience includes wealth management, fund management, investment management, consulting and banking with a broad range of senior positions held in both front and back office. Predominately working for HSBC, Stephen started in investment management roles in London, before moving into wealth management.

He relocated to Switzerland in 2006, working in wealth management, with positions held including Market Head, Global COO, CAO, and Chair of Due Diligence.

Stephen Palmer

IT Director

Stephen is an IT professional who has spent 40 years designing, developing, and managing large scale IT Infrastructure and Application Systems.

Integrating IT with the business to effect significant financial outcomes.  He cut his teeth (14 years) at the largest privately own Insurance company in Southern Africa, before moving to the UK where he has worked at EDS, HP, and DXC on major UK government accounts (DWP, DEFRA, NHS), as well as FTSE 100 company accounts – Rolls-Royce, BAE, London Markets.


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