Feeding the AI machine - Discovery Design Criteria

Building Azaries: The key steps in AI development for staying ahead in the marketplace | We call it Azaries Discovery.

Design Criteria

Overview and examples

Azaries designs are specifically made for applications. Customisation is a straightforward process of optimisation.

We have developed AI software that discovers meaningful patterns in data. Applicable to many applications from financial markets to robo advisors, customer relationship management (CRM) to drug discovery, weather forecasts and predictive analytics, Azaries performs with outstanding results.

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Financial Markets
By Azaries

Optimised for Financial Markets

Azaries Design Criteria for Financial Markets

The design criteria originally set out to specify an Algorithmic system for investment professionals means producing high return on capital while minimising risk.

10 criteria were identified:

1. A steady equity curve with controlled risk.

2. Low-risk exposure, circa an average of less than 5% overall. This means no reliance on high-risk techniques such as ‘averaging in’ positions and no large drawdowns.

3. Zero reliance on large monthly returns or weeks that offsets all others, no individual large stock gains in a day or bias from the ‘lucky’ price moves and no variable position sizing, all positions equally sized.

4. On-going A.I. based algorithm discovery and monitoring managing a stable of around 28 computations.

5. Designed for professional capital sizing. Position sized to allow 30 concurrent positions of equal size.

6. Identifies trades both long and short with optimal 'portfolios spinning'.

7. Produces profits under any market conditions.

8. Targets 30% per annum returns on capital.

9. Trade symbols that are highly liquid with a minimum volume of 500k shares traded per day, a $10b market cap, usually higher and a list of stocks focussed on NYSE and NASDAQ.

10. A whole algorithm that selects and then manages all positions including multiple trades adjusted in real-time and can be easily linked to automatic trading systems.


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